Tutorial of 3D AR Dinosaur Oreo!

Tutorial of 3D AR Dinosaur Oreo!

Can you believe?We can eat oreo with ARtech! 

Just use Oblatum with dinosaur AR target image, and stick it on oreo, we can call out AR dinosaur and make the sound while clicking on it.
Let's see how to make it!  

time: about 2hr
item: scissors, Pad or cellphone, your favorite cookieswink
Please download the AR resource here

  • Download MAKAR (download here )

  • Log in your Google Account
  • Upload target image
  • Download 3D dinosaur and its voice

  • Tailoring Oblatum and stick it onto cookies 

  • Experience this AR dinosaur project and enjoy your cookie! 

Steps on MAKAR editor

  1. Build up new project
  2. Create project's name, and upload target image, then click "OK"
  3. Add online resources
  4. Find out "Stegosaurus" and download. There's implication of Stegosaurus on the left-column 
  5. Drag Stegosaurus to the interface and select "Matte" form
  6. To "Auto" and upload "DinosaurMusic.mp3" 
  7. Click Stegosaurus and play music
  8. Choose DinosaurMusic .mp3 and confirm
  9. It's sucessful if you can find out your music resource on Source Objects! Click publish

To Experience
Use your smartphone, enter your ID and start experiencing after scanning on target image. 

  1. Install MAKAR APP
  2. ​Click Link to trigger / or scan the QRcode below
  3. Scan target
  4. Start your AR experience!