Gain high-engagement levels in your classroom with the power of augmented and virtual reality

Increase interactivity

Students remember what they do better than what they hear or read. With MAKAR, augmented and virtual reality become easy and accessible tools for teachers and students alike. By simply associating pictures, sounds, 3D models and videos to a printed image, books and handouts become fully interactive learning material that will keep everybody engaged. Create immersive virtual reality experiences to support a history or science class, or let your students work on unique assignments that leverage the power of augmented and virtual reality.

A new way of teaching

Imagine the picture of a volcano becoming alive with video, sounds and 3D models, or exploring the structure of a chemical compound: creativity is the only limit when it comes to creating AR/VR content with MAKAR.

and learning

Let students enrich the classroom experience by layering content to their textbooks, handouts and presentations. MAKAR promotes the maker-spirit and provides a safe environment for creative expression.

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