A cross-platform XR (AR/VR/MR/360VR) browser
Anyone and business can use
Without compiling programs, developers can freely create images and add necessary elements.

Real-time preview window

Through the real-time preview window, you can quickly understand the effect of the current finished product on the device.

WEB AR VR display

Pioneer of editing WEB AR VR format in short-time, which is convenient to directly view in the browser and a big advantage Marketing integration.

GPS map positioning

The display position of AR/VR objects can be specified, only when being close to the set GPS position can see the content.

Multiple AR function modules

Built-in a variety of AR situational modules, such as scratch music, point card... etc., can be easily applied in any industry.

Free online material library

More than 200,000 3D models can be downloaded directly, especially Google poly and Sketchfab 3D model library.(For commercial applications, please confirm the copyright specifications of each platform)

Self-built image Recognition technology

Self-developed image recognition core engine to establish a complete XR application environment

Project management interface

Drag and drop to determine whether the project is opening online. The simple management interface allows you to easily grasp the project online status.

System requirements
Intel i3 processor or higher
Intel i7 processor or higher
Graphics card
Intel HD4000 or higher
NVIDIA GeForce GT 750m or higher
Network connection speed