Through the MAKAR XR editor, the XR project you edit can be presented in the form of WebAR/VR.
For today's generation that pays attention to integrated applications, there is no doubt that learning and marketing can achieve better results through virtual and real integrated applications.

Note: Some materials cannot be presented smoothly due to overall global technical limitations.

WebAR is a new way of distributing augmented reality content: simply share the unique URL associated with your AR experience created with MAKAR Editor. With such an easy gateway, anybody can offer engaging, interactive experiences and make augmented reality part of their marketing strategy.


AR content is immediately
accessible through any browser

Quick development

No coding required
just drag and drop

Go viral

Leverage the power of AR without
the pains of expensive development
and low app download rates


Track engagement
with MAKAR Analytics

Try it now

Please use Chrome, Firefox, Safari browser.

1. Please scan the QR code

2. Please scan the target image


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