Germany Burger King wins the fast food war with AR game

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Inspired by 《It:Chapter 2》, Burger King introduces a LBS AR activity -「Escape the Clown」in Germany to taunt their biggest competitor, McDonald's.

AR activity「Escape the Clown」
《It:Chapter 2》 is a movei adaptation of Steven King's famous novel. The horrific antagonist is a demonic clown that feeds on people's emotion of fear. Coincidently, McDonald's famous mascot Ronal McDonald carries such resemble at appearance. Burget King uses this AR game to taunt and create a bizzare connection in between these two famous characters,

How to experience「Escape the Clown」
Step1 - Download「BURGER KINGR」,fo to a MCDonald's restaurant and pick up a McDonald's magazine, then flip to speific page and start scenning with your device.

Step2 - after scanning, tap on 「Escape the Clown」button,tap on the balloon. Each ballon represents a discount voucher. 

Step3 - proceed to a Burger King restaurant to exchange for a meal set within spcific time. The voucher will disappear if the exchange is not made within time.

The gameplay creates a phenomenon of running away from McDonald's (Clown), which is what happens in the movie too. This not only creates a trend in romoting the brand and it is something that brings laughter to the movie fans too.

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source:Trampuncle、BURGER KING