Digital Creation NFT is taking the world by storm! Have you collected it in the virtual world?

What is NFT?

NFT's full English name is "Non-Fungible Token", if you have been playing virtual coin people believe that this term is not unfamiliar with. The same exists in the Ethereum ecosystem for trading, but there are different features between them. The virtual coin is Fungible Token, while NFT is called "Non-fungible Token" on the contrary. Briefly, each virtual coin has the same value, but NFT is a unique token that cannot be traded through the concept of equivalence exchange. And this token is not the kind of money we think it is. NFT can be any kind of object, a short film, a picture, a piece of text or a piece of music, which has made NFT popular in the art circle. A new generation of digital translation of artworks is now being ushered in.


Digital Authentic Artworks

In real life we have paper copies as the original, while in the virtual world we use algorithms and the Encryption technique of blockchain. NFT then becomes a concept with digital originals. Compared to traditional art auctions, NFT not only allows each object to have its own code, but also breaks the geographical limitation and shortens the transaction cost. No matter where you are, you can buy your favorite artworks online, and the works are also certified as digital assets, which undoubtedly provides an additional protection for artists and collectors, and gives the works the highest collector's value.


The virtual world creates assets and people can create their own NFT!

A few years ago, the Nintendo game Animal Crossing was a huge hit, and we can see that people's desire to create another virtual life has already been seen. Now the virtual world does not just stay in the handheld game console, through VR immersion technology, so that the virtual avatar is just like you in real life, you only need a VR headset, you can explore the world of metaverse. For example, in the beginning of this year, the South Korean Samsung in a virtual world platform called Decentraland, held a new product launch, through virtual reality users in the platform can not only interact with the product experience, but also the opportunity to unlock the exclusive event NFT. Many people will think that XR is a difficult product to create, but MAKAR does not require any background program, with simple drag-and-drop operation, abundant 3D materials, and also comes with multi-functional interactive functions, allowing you to place a piece of music, video, and text in the created module, perfectly creating the most popular NFT nowadays! Now, why not try to put on the title of NFT artist and create your own XR!