A Korean college student in the Department of Architecture used MAKAR , winning first place in the competition.

This May, Seongho Kim, who is studying architecture at Pukyong National University in Korea,
had to find a way to do his work because his graduation exhibition was coming up.
He wanted to find the relationship between architecture and the metaverse,
so he applied MAKAR to his architectural model and tried to use AR to present the world in another way.
Kim says that great reason for doing this is that he hopes that people who view his work will not just look at it,
but will have the experience of "opening the building and exploring the work".
Therefore, he searched for many XR editors on the internet, and finally chose MAKAR,
which successfully earned him the first place in the competition for his graduation project.


We can feel the charm of architecture from seeing a 1/200 scale building section through AR,which is also what KIM glad about.
He said: you don’t need to download the app, just scan it with a smartphone, it’s convenient! 
Integrating the concept of metaverse into architecture to create an innovative architectural experience scheme.
A whole new perspective not only became the point of winning a championship, but the application of AR and architecture also implements his idea precisely. 



You can see the video shows that after the user scans the QR code,
the web page on the phone will be opened, to show the interaction of architecture of the AR world. 

In this era of digital transformation, the WEB AR from MAKAR does not need to download the app,
it can be directly published, web browsing,and other features, reducing the cost of time and production costs of creators.
Even allowing Kim could show the architectural model vividly through AR, reached a new level in architecture.