MAKAR 3.4.0 update

1. Add a richer extent of project publicity. 
2. More intuitive device performance warning(memory usage warning).
3. A file only for makar, which provides better flexibility of project storage.
4. Function adjustment- GIF editing.
5. Objects in 2D and 3D scenes can be specified to trigger from each other.
6. 2D scenes be set additionally by different resolution, to get a better compatibility.
7. 3D material provides-mask option, can be used for transparenting the object.                                              
8. There is no longer a limit of one additional Q&A in each scene.
9 .3D experience mode"" has been added when experiencing the project, which can view a lot more scene informations without limit.

update time 2022.12.08 p.m08:00~12:00