MAKAR XR Platform v3.5.0 Update

Comprehensive Update to the XR Creation Software Ecosystem!

Update Time:April 01 (Mon), 2024, 22:00 (GMT+8)
Service Downtime:April 01 (Mon), 2024, 20:00~22:00 (GMT+8)
Updateed List :MAKAR Editor (Windows / MacOS) / MAKAR Viewer App (Android / iOS) / MAKAR 3D Scan (iOS / MacOS)

*Users updating to version 3.4.5 may experience longer server wait times. However, there is no need to worry, as installation can proceed normally after waiting for approximately 30 minutes.


Hello to all XR creators, we are excited to introduce a significant update to the MAKAR XR Platform. This update not only optimizes and refines existing features and interfaces, but also introduces a plethora of new functionalities for our creative community. With this latest version, creators in MAKAR can now enjoy expanded creative possibilities. In this version of the MAKAR Editor, you can seamlessly integrate AR/MR/VR experiences within a single project, bring your 3D objects to life with enhanced material sphere and curve tools, share your XR creations more effectively in the Viewer, and obtain higher precision object/environment 3D models using MAKAR 3D Scan. Let's maximize the potential of XR creation together!

MAKAR Editor Update Content:


MAKAR Viewer Update Content:

MAKAR 3D Scan Update Content: