「Startup X」helps entrepreneurs to engage with 5G

「Startup X新創.企業交流會」,協助眾業者前往5G商用領域

Organized by DIGITIMES and Dept. of economic development, Taipei CIty Government, Startup X has invited multiple entrepeneurs and VC, including Mind & Idea Fly, Pi Square, TripMoment and SoftChef to attend a round table seminar in order to discuss regarding engaging with 5G communication development.

AFtr years of development, 5G is moving into implementation stage in 2020. Ericsson predicts 5G is going to achieve global market values of 1.32 trillion USD in 2028, with 82% from various industries needs of implementations. Entertainment industry being one of the pioneers and the most agile. 

Taipei City Government provides co-working platform for entrepeneurs to upgrade their industy suitabilities. 
Dept. of economic development expresses the initiative of bringing multiple industries together to explore further possibilities in development of upgrading hardware building, improving resources and consultation channels.

Integrating digital content and AR/VR
Mind & Idea Fly has worked closely together with education institutes and educators to study education industry, focusing on providing problem solutions for greater teaching methods. Mind & Idea Fly provides easy learning AR/VR editor with cutting edge feature such as imagerecognition, space recognition, location based technology to allows teachers and students to build their own AR/VR learning materials. CEO of Mind & Idea Fly, Mr Roger Lu says 5G communication technology reduces communication latency and improves digital asset quality, these at the same time become an advantage for schools to tackle the implementation of digital teaching materials.

Appendix: Startup X is an communication seminar organized by Tapei CIty Government and Digitimes since 2018. The organiser has successfully organized multiple networking events, activities and seminars.