VR plays a role in solving climate change


Climate change is one of the most important topic and issue humanity facing right now. The effects of climate change include extinction of species, running out of resources and many more. However some may downplay the effects of climate change and insist it would not affect our lifes.

One of the reason climate change is being downplayed and overlooked is that many of us have not experienced and seen the disastrous outcomes of climate change, just because many of us are protected temporarily by castle we have built. Therefore, in order to educate public regarding climate change, VR is chosen to be the solution.

VR Immersive Experience
VR is chosen for its immersiveness. It lets the audience to feel like being in the middle of the incident, and emplifies the effects.

There are a number of VR implementations about climate change topic.

It lets users to roleplay as a tree. from seed to fully growth until the invasion of mankinds.
Link → 《Tree》


《Greenland Melting》
Greenland Melting tells the greenhouse effetcs that affecting iceberg at the north pole. You will meet 2 NASA scientists in VR, explaining how fast our iebergs are melting.
link → 《Greenland Melting》

image:Greenland Melting

It is an education VR implementation to raise awareness towards ocean preservation. It tells the situation of raising ocean temperature and lets users to simulate as diver to experience the changes happened in the deep blue sea.
link → 《IMMERSE》

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