Microsost announces to publish AR《Minecraft Earth》


Minecraft has sold over 1.76 billion copies worldwide and 2019 is 10 years anniversary for Minecraft. Microsft takes this opportunity to announce the making of Minecraft Earth, an AR smart phone app for users to enjoy the fun of Minecraft on smart devices, with the additional fun of AR.

AR smart phone app《Minecraft Earth》
《Minecraft Earth》allows players to build, explore and collaborate with other players

Players can build anything and project the masterpiece to an actual space through AR technology

Players can work closely together with other players in solving puzzles, discovering treasures and hunt for monsters too.


Apart from building, players can discover treasures and intersting items at actual location through LBS feature.

《Minecraft Earth》goes online in October 
Microsoft has announced from October onwards, Minecraft Earth will be launched gradually by regions and IOS version is expected to be online at the end of 2019.

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