Taipei CIty Wanhua Dist. Library AR implementation: AR archive photographs

image:Taipei Wanhua Dist. Library

Taipei Wanhua DIst. Library stores the one of the richest archive photographs of old Taipei City. In October. the library organised an exhibition to showcase this historic images to general public.

Nowadays, many youngsters are savvy with technology and 3C products. In order to ignite yungsters' interst towards history, Taipei City Wanhua DIst. Library utilized MIFLY MAKAR to turn these old photographs into moving imageries and make viewing photographs feel like watching movies.

To experience it, please do as following:

Step 1
Go to Taipei Wanhua DIst. Library.前往台北市立萬華圖書館萬華分館(萬華區東園街19號6樓),一進大門之後的右手邊就是【台北史蹟老照片3D互動展】

Step 2

Step 3
1. Switch on「MAKAR」and tap on search
2. key「g14」and begin searching
3. Select「萬華分館」
4. Choose a project
5. Start scanning the exhibited photographs


If you are interested to know how this technology can be apply to your product, please feel free to contac us.