《VRock-II》is your best VR headset

Recently, VR has created a shockwave that rocks the entertainment industry. However, there are multiple choices of VR devices, but which one is suitable for you? Beside the high end choices such as Vice and Oculus, we recommand a pocket VR jeadset 《VRock-II》, it is small, light, portable, suitable for viewing VR video, playing VR game and of course support MAKAR output.

Pocket VR《VRock-II》
《VRock-II》is a Taiwan made VR headset, it weights only 85g and fits in your pocket easily, It fits 5.5-5 inches smart phone and comes with insulation design.

Specially designed《VRock-II》
《VRock-II》comes with adjustable POV feature to overcome sight problems such as  short sight uo to 750 degree and presbyopia up to 250 degree.

Now, just download MAKAR and build your own VR content, then put up 《VRock-II》 to enjoy your own immersive VR experience.

If you are interested to get a 《VRock-II》, please contact us and get a generous discount.

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