Mind and Idea Fly wins CTV 《Startup777》 competition

CTV established FTV Accelerator to promote and assist Startup ecosystem of Taiwan, and co-working with Linkou Startup Terrace to provide mentorships, facilities, and funding opportunities to Taiwan Startup companies. Further more CTV has produced a TV show 《Startup777》 competition, espcially for startup business to compete and to showcase their best initiatives.

【10 finalists recognition】

【Mind and Idea Fly wins the grand prize】

Mind and Idea Fly has participated the competition and was won the grand award after competing with multiple outstanding startup teams. This also proves that Mind and Idea Fly's products and abilities are at the world best level and ready to compete internationally.

If you would like to know more about Mind and Idea Fly's product 《MAKAR》, please feel free to contact us. If you would like to try out how 《MAKAR》 can bring you immersive ARVR experience, please download the software on our official website.

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