AR makes walking become interesting!

Nintendo and the AR game-developing studio Niantic recently co-released the news that AR Pikmin App will come out the second half of the year, for which will undoubtedly brings out the immersive feelings and joyfulness to players.

Pikmin, a plant-and-animal- like creature, is designed by the chef game desiner Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo. Pikmin help navigators collect tools, destory the barriers, and beat out monsters. Because of their cute voice, gestures and looks (of course), it attracts thousands and millions players involve in Pikmin world.

Now Pikmin will combine with AR technologies and interact with us in real world. Shigeru Miyamoto says, this app will make us feel that walking become interesting due to little and cute Plikmin.

Since 2016, Niantic, Nintendo and Pokemon have cooperated and launched the AR App: Pokemon Go, which has been hugely sucessful in globe. Perhaps nowadays we can expect the revolution of AR will bring more details and refinement for entertainment. 

(image from NianticJP )