Straits of Immersive Experience of AR/VR will Improve the Limits on WFH and Virtual Meeting

As the Covid-19 continues ravaging, what does AR/VR can do and undo the inconvience on living and working due to the pandemic? 

According to report from IDC June 2020, the pandemic will challenge the flexibility of the working sphere, and at the same time, the application and combination on certain techs such as 5G, AR/VR, IoT, IPA etc, will improve the quality and the efficiency on the work situation.

"The features of intuition, immersive interaction and the supplementary of information of AR/VR, will be expected to be widely used on immersive experience of the environment, virtual training, and on-line conference."
IDC predicts that until 2023, there will be 70% service-oriented enterprises will use AR as smart assistant or application on the transmission of working knowledge. Meanwhile, there will be up to 50% enterprise willing to let their employees adapt various mixed ways between working online and in the working space.   


Take online meeting as an example, what kind of limitations on the application among the virtual and real working space will AR/VR can ameliorate?  
  •  AR:AR can help build up the augmented information which is overlaid on the real world and make the discussion or the product presentation more vivid. For instance, attendees can open up MAKAR APP or Web and then view up certain AR project, visually introducing industrial product or a marketing demo.  The presentation online will no longer be purely verbal or on text.  The issue will thus keep going. 
  • VR:As the improvement of 3D and animation technology, VR can create avatar for attendees, and can construct the meeting room, and renew the info like videos or notes anytime during the process. MeetinVR  as the virtual meeting platform, where assists attendees mark on their names, or the points they are making on screen, to have the information renewed and bridged with others. (Image:MeetinVR)

The zero-gap-communication will make clients, employers or colleagues feel like dedicating together in specific project or on innovating a ongoing product.  Perhaps the AR/VR technologies will ease the anxiety or alienation when virtual meeting begins where people cannot "see" and "discuss" face to face, or on a real existed product.