With MAKAR XR editing platform, Epson's AR glasses have smart education keep rolling!

Epson collaborates MIFLY participating in 2020 EDtech TAIWAN, the most sizable exbition in smart education field in Taiwan! Epson displays its latest AR smart glass, BT-35E and BT-300, as well as its projectors. MIFLY showcases the power software MAKAR, containing editor and browser parts; MAKAR also provides user the experiencing service while they wear up Epson AR glasses.  

Epson says that Epson keeps cooperating with MIFLY especially on its product, MAKAR AR/VR/MR platform and thus both of them dedicate themsalves to supply with the most innovative AR solutions on smart education. Throughout MAKAR editor, teachers or students can perfectly create their AR project, which can be innitiated by scanning the AR target image and be viewed on Epson 
BT-35E or BT-300 in an easy manner.  It will provide educators with various AR toutorial contents and applications, by which will crop up students' learning interest and improve their understanding.        

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