Taoyuan Shan Fong Elementary School Holds Art Exhibition with WebAR Techniques!

Taoyuan Shan Fong Elementary School holds art exhibition and invites commissioner of Department of Education to visit.
Shan Fong Elementary School employs students' artworks and designs various AR photo frame. These AR works are not only made by MAKAR XR editor, but can also be experienced by Web AR ! By Web AR tech and service, users can open up photo frame directly on webpage and do not need to download or use MAKAR App.  Commissioner thus easily enters into digital world and picks up "Duck AR" photo frame, taking photos with teachers and students. 

【Steps of  WebAR Experience】:
1. Scan QR code (like the QR showing on poster)  
2. enter ID 
3. Scan the AR target image 
4. Start your WebAR Experience