30th Anniversary of The league For Persons With Disabilities, Inviting Using AR to Experience a Disablities Friendly Environment

Happy 30th Birthday for The League for Persons with Disabilities! 

Since the 1980s, 
The League for Persons with Disabilities as a NGO keeps involving in the policy-making and struggles for the disabilities, trying to call for public attention and thus improve rights and living standards of disabilities.  
How to get into the context of the disabilities in their shoes?
Enter 30th Officuial Website "Experience AR (AR體驗區)",and find out topics like "Inclusive Playground", "Barrier free facility", and "disability-friendly environment"!You can commence the digital experience and interaction by serching out ID "enable" on MAKAR App.
【Steps for experience】
1.Download MAKAR App
2.Search out ID "enable", or scan the QRcode,enter into AR game
3.Scan animals (AR target image), and start your experience!