Google closes Jump VR, what does it mean?

image:Google Jump VR

Google has annouced to close its VR platform Jump VR, and annouced the closure of  Google Spotlight Stories on March. Google SPotlight Stories has produced a Emmy Award winning movie 'Pearl'. 

Many speculations have surfaced after Google annoucing the closure of its VR component, some says VR 360 is no longer needed in the industry, some says VR development and market needs are focus on headset development. But VR 360 still show potential in various types of implementations, such as...

《VR360 archiving》
Known as the kitchen of Tokyo, Tsukiji Market was moved to Toyosu due to city redevelopment project. NHK Japan recorded the last day of operation of Tsukiji Market on VR 360 as a precious archive.

View here - NHK

《VR360 school tour》
When come to college enrolment, campus environment is one of the important reasons in choosing which college to go. If every school comes with VR tour, it definitely helps students to pick their favorite study environment.

 Sometimes, not the latest and most sophisticated option is suitable for your needs, it is the suitability that matters.

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source:Trampuncle、Appalachian State University、Japan NHK