6 widely used AR implementations

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

Since Apple and Google join the Augmented Reality battle, the technology has come to an explosive growth. Many development teams are expressing their creativity to bring new implementation to smart devices and create new values with AR technology.

Niw there millons of AR implmentation, while categorised in roughly 6 types. Let us look at their definitions and study how they work.



《Measure》is an measuring app that utilized AR technology. It solves the problem of wanting to measure a space of an object sponteneously with only a smart device,

《Measure》:ios / Android

Furniture fitting simulation

image:Ikea Place

When making interior design and decoration, one must spend time to fit the furnitures. IKEA published an AR app 《Ikea Place》for customers to fit their furnitures using AR technology. It makes furniture fitting before purchasing so easy.

《Ikea Place》:ios / Android


image:Human Anatomy Atlas 2020

With AR, 2D data can be presented in 3D and interactable. It makes learning more effective, such as simulation of human anatomy in medical training. The usual method is through viewing video, photographs and images. But with AR, 3D model of human anatomy is presented and ready to interact with learners.

《Human Anatomy Atlas 2020》:ios / Android

Creative design
AR brings arts and design to live. Artists do not have to worry about the size of a canvas, everywhere can be their canvas and anything can be their paint.

​ 《Just a Line》:ios / Android

Social media


Sanpchat has made AR filters a must have in social media interaction. It can be made into games, discussion topics and something to show off.

《Snapchat》:ios / Android

Almost everyone know 《PokémonGo》, it utilize location based AR technology to make capturing pokemon monster a reality.

《PokémonGo》:ios / Android

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