VR combined with art to improve modern people's insomnia

Recently, the team from RMIT University in Australia, in order to solve the life pressure and insomnia of modern people, uses VR technology, surround music (ambient music) and interactive bed (interactive bed) Inter-Dream system, combined with artistic creation.  It appears that the immersive experience of human relaxation and sleep has benefited many modern people suffering from insomnia. However, how is it done? Let us find out! wink


According to reports, the system Inter-Dream is a very robust VR application device developed by Betty Sargeant, a doctor of media and communications, and Justin Dwyer, an audio visual artist and designer. It uses electroencephalogram (EEG) to determine the user’s Brain waves produce different situations, and through Neurofeedback reactivity transfers nervous thoughts to calm and stress-free immersive VR to soothe the user, thereby allowing the user to relax and fall asleep smoothly. enlightened

Moreover, using Inter-Dream can reduce 21% of the general negative emotions and 55% of the sense of fear, and increase the general positive emotions by 8% and the sense of tranquility by 13%. It can help people relax and maintain a sunny and positive attitude, and work and interpersonal relationships are smoother. However, people who have difficulty falling asleep will unconsciously reproduce the events of the previous day in their minds, and are more likely to fall into unpleasant and disturbing annoyances and stressful stimulation. Therefore, this invention is valued by many medical professionals, hoping to improve the modern People's mental health, improve mood, let people have good sleep and have a better future!yes