VR technology has a significant effect on the treatment of military PTSD

In the past, VR used for military simulation training can be imagined, but today it can also be used for other military purposes, that is, clinical psychology can help officers and soldiers withstand the invasion of PTSD. In the World War II era, many people suffered from PTSD because they had been on the battlefield, and now VR can benefit those officers and soldiers who have experienced the cruel battlefield and unfortunately suffered from "post-wound stress syndrome" (PTSD). enlightened

There is a veterans treatment hospital in Florida that is implementing a VR technology treatment plan. They antiqued more than 600 lectures and counselor treatments. During the process, the natural scenery provided by the device made it easier for PTSD patients to relax during the treatment. And conduct "meditation" to relieve the pressure and pain of the past. The treatment results show that most patients can reduce the pressure value by ten to twenty percent.

In addition, VR technology is also used in "exposure therapy". During the treatment, the patient’s memories, imagination, and facing intense emotional situations that may trigger anxiety and panic will be reproduced. Through such scenarios, the source of anxiety can be found. And then repeatedly train the patient to relax and slowly recover for a long time. Through VR, the therapist can create more situations and grasp the situation where the patient is, so that the patient can face the situation in different ways, find the cause of the disease and provide appropriate treatment.mail

A psychologist pointed out that the clearest image in a patient's mind was the "roadside rubbish" he saw before he was unconscious by the explosive explosion. Since then, every time he sees the roadside rubbish, it will cause a panic reaction in his heart. The VR device allows the patient to repeatedly see the garbage at the time of the explosion. After the therapist's training, the roadside garbage finally no longer becomes the front of the explosion, thereby alleviating the patient's anxiety. angel

Since 2011, we have successfully treated 450 retired and active military personnel and 215 mass shooting survivors through VR technology. Currently, we continue to develop new software, which will not only be applied to PTSD patients who have experienced war in the future, but also suitable for contemporary people. The phenomenon of light depression, improve people’s mental health!heart