VR constructs long-term nursing homes to improve the life of the elderly

How to provide a better life for the elderly has become a  common issue, especially dementia. About 50 million people worldwide suffer from dementia, and this number is still increasing. However, according to research, people with dementia still retain some of their original abilities and appropriate treatment can slow down the deterioration. Therefore, it is the future trend to create an ideal life for patients with dementia and build a more complete nursing home.yes

However, most of the investment in facilities and space equipment in nursing homes is currently the majority. With the advancement of technology, new ways to improve the lives of the elderly or demented elderly in nursing homes have gradually emerged. At present, the Tovertafel European team has developed a series of games for the elderly with dementia, which are widely used in nursing homes in Europe. This game is Magic Table, which is the way AR is presented on the desktop, creating many simple mini games, and the game is very close to life skills. Such games not only allow people with dementia to communicate, but also train their brains.wink


Recently, Rendever, the development team of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has also created a VR tour for the elderly. The elderly can travel around in the virtual world. During the tour, they can also interact with the residents in the virtual world to help the residents. Complete tasks, which also contain many different dream creation scenarios, so that the elders have the opportunity to complete the unfinished dreams when they were young.heart