Add AR and VR technology to Children's Books, the Queen of Egypt is right in front of you!

In recent years, Europe has promoted new-style education, so it developed a fairy tale book combining AR and VR technology, and applied a powerful story IP model to create an English children’s book "The Case of the Missing Cleopatra", in which the story climaxed repeatedly. The story part uses VR to display the content, and combined with AR technology to trigger clues, leading children step by step interactively following the clues to the end. The complete immersive story narrative is well received. Let’s take a look at the following video! heartheartheart

This new fairy tale book comes from a collaboration between London-based educational technology company Museimo and Italian AR Market to create the digital content "The Case of the Missing Cleopatra". Developed a new App, children can read children's books through smartphones or tablets and touch AR clues and then go down to find the missing Egyptian queen. At the same time, a cardboard VR helmet is included to explore the VR scene experience. wink

The interactive book is different from the traditional story book. It provides children with hands-on games and a new way of entertaining . It has childlike animated characters. Experience the ancient Egyptian world in a VR environment and learn by admiring many ancient Egyptian objects. Foreign cultures, and successfully rushed through the barriers to find the queen, cultivated children with more scientific and technological acumen while learning, and let the new generation integrate with technology as soon as possible!enlightened