AR Ordering comes to alive , Hololamp creates 3D physical food menu

(Image source: official website)

Recently, Hololamp has launched a new AR application program --- AR ordering. Imagine you go to a restaurant and look at the pictures on the menu while ordering, but you don’t know the actual appearance and quantity of the food. Doesn't it often appear in life? In order to improve the quality of restaurant consumers' habits, Holoamp uses AR technology to present your curious meals in AR. How does it do it? Let's see the details!wink

(Image source: official website)

In the restaurant designed by Hololamp, I ordered an American burger. Just press the menu button on the table and a 3D projection is projected on the table immediately. If you are not satisfied, you can press other buttons to immediately switch to another dish 3D preview. , And finally choose the most desired food among the constant choices. At this time, the waiter receives the meal you want, and will take away the 3D projector on the table and restore it to the original dining table.enlightened

Hololamp uses Unity game engine to develop 3D material. In the future, it may be combined with voice assistants to help you interact with consumers when food appears on the table when you order takeout. The future development is limitless! This application will bring consumers more practical and peace of mind when it becomes popular in the future. Meal service, increase consumers' trust in the restaurant, and the convenience and pleasure of using technology, not only receiving products, but also a new experience, satisfying the heart of service in place!heart


For the detailed video, please see this: