Denmark educated teenagers about respnsible drinking with VR


Teenagers are prohibited to consume alcohol beverages is a common practice in under many legal systems. As drinking excessive alcohol can be damaging, it causes reduction of awareness and self control ability. 

Even though there are laws and regulations setup for responsible drinking, excessive drinking is still a problem among teenagers of many countries. Authorities are trying anything they could to regulate this situation but the outcomes are less than satisfactory. Denmark has come up with an unique idea, which is using VR to simulate what fatal outcome of excessive drinking to educate teenagers.

Denmark government, Southern Denmark University, and Danish Cancer Society are using immersive VR to simulate realistic scenarios of excessive drinking happens in a party. Users are thrown with decision making moments taht would affect the storyline. If wrong decisions are made, users would experience simulation of being drunk and the story would end in tragedy.

Through this VR implementation, teenagers are educated with how to approach alcohol products respinsibly.

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