MIFLY was invited to participate in the PTPET Workshop

In order to cope with the impact of digital transformation, the Ministry of Education plans to provide subsidies for "multi-functional e-technical classrooms", "multi-functional e-digital classrooms", and "NGN for the new generation of Taiwan’s academic network environment." All the schools in counties and cities have achieved the promotion of information education and cultivated students' new-age technological capabilities to face severe international market competition. Under the implementation of this plan, a large number of media have entered campuses and a large number of electronic textbooks have been provided, which in turn stimulates teachers to absorb new knowledge, change teaching methods, and improve teaching quality. yes

In the past two or three years, the "Plurk of Education" has been organized into a group that spontaneously assists elementary and middle schools in science and technology education with this project. A group of teachers who are enthusiastic about science and technology teaching have adopted the emerging "Plurk". The community platform discusses, exchanges, shares experience, and assists the "Education Pork Annual Meeting" with funding from the Ministry of Education and the Nantou County Government; every year, many teachers invest in technology to participate in teaching research, and
MIFLY  provides the official authorization serial number of the MAKAR platform for AR VR created by teachers who participated in Polangke --- MAKAR platform, AR/VR open platform, to solve high cost, high technology and various development methods. Users only need to use the image With drag-and-drop, you can quickly create an AR/VR project in 10 minutes, without learning any programming language. MAKAR takes image recognition and tracking technology as the core, combined with cloud technology, AI, machine learning, big data analysis, multimedia interaction, and has developed dozens of innovative AR/VR application service modules, which can be used on mobile devices, EPSON AR glasses, BT -300 / BT-35E and HTC Vive Focus to watchenlightened

Through this exhibition,MIFLY teaches how to use the MAKAR platform easily and create ARVR with low cost and high efficiency, so that teachers across the country can use the MAKAR editor to improve the quality of teaching, so as to create a high-quality e-campus and comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of the new generation.heartheart