Changhua County AI Summer Camp creates AR Father Day event

Changhua County AI Summer Camp specially joined the latest technology AR project, so that school-age children can early access to the popular AR technology that will produce a technological revolution with the advent of 5G. Children use the MAKAR editor, user-friendly interface and easy-to-use, children I am immersed in the curiosity of technology and the passion for creativity. How do you watch their works? enlightened

Just in the following steps:
1. Download the MAKAR APP first, scan the different QR CODE according to the IOS or Android system to find the APP URL.

2. After downloading, open MAKAR and find the search button.

3. Find the work you want to see, and scan it to open the project you want to see.

4. After opening the project, you can scan the image recongnition, the same as the following "2020 Happy Father's Day", you can see the AR ideas made by children! wink

Especially in the past two years, the children's industry has ushered in a rapid transformation. AR technology has found many applications in the children's industry, and it has been promoted rapidly, becoming a new technology combination of some children's products. Many AR technologies have changed the traditional learning model, displaying knowledge in a three-dimensional, interactive, and interesting multi-dimensional manner, leaving children with positive, happy and fulfilling memories of their learning time. heart