Experience Feed your the graffiti !RakugakiAR makes your pictures come alive!

Recently, everyone is playing with the graffiti created by themself and  feeding it. How to feed self-made graffiti? It's the app that suddenly became popular on Twitter recently-Rakugaki AR. Let's explain this app first! wink

First enter the Rakugaki AR APP, after allowing the camera, point the lens at a graffiti or static image of yours, after sensing the red frame on the screen appears, you can click on the screen, and you will see the image "Appeared" was presented in AR, and began to swing with cute movements!

Then you can click on the different colors next to it, and different foods will fall on the screen. Your graffiti or static images will eat the food drop into the screen. Isn’t it very lively and interesting?heart

However, only the iOS version is currently supported, and the Android version is not yet available.

(Image source: Whatever official website screenshot)

In fact, this app that suddenly went viral in the group was developed by a Japanese startup Whatever Inc., and currently has offices in Tokyo, New York, Berlin, and even Taiwan. What things is conveyed in this APP is not only the creativity presented in reality, but also the concept of training people to use their brains and hands!mail

In Japanese, rakugaki means "drawing for fun", which is to find happiness in painting. In fact, when human beings were babies, they began to try to paint on the wall and made a lot of creative imagination. Children's  imagination is usually unlimited. The Rakugaki AR APP brings you back to the joy of painting freely when you were kid, and makes the painting come alive to interact with you and realize your imagination! angel