AR VR technology is regared as a key course for digital transformation of SMEs in the Taipei City Government Academy of Knowledge

In recent years, under the impact of the global digital wave, "digital transformation" has become an inevitable trend. Traditional companies that have always been conservative in their mentality and operating methods. The outbreak of the new crown epidemic this year has led to a global economic downturn. The Taipei City Government has turned the crisis into a turning point and combined with the most popular digital courses nowadays, allowing traditional companies to truly enter the Internet era.yes

This course is launched in response to the rapid changes in the industrial environment and ecology, and cultivates the basic concepts of e-commerce and digital, which incorporates the most popular ARVR technology course introduction and practical operation. Please come to MIFLY’s Lecturer Cai Yawen as MIFLY Products manager and co-founder, used to be the original professional supervisor of ADOBE, and gave more than 300 ARVR lecture courses, leading Taiwan on the road of AR VR technology.wink

In the course, excellent students learned to use the "MAKAR" AR/VR open platform to solve high-cost, high-tech and long-term development methods. Users can quickly learn to use the "MAKAR" AR/VR open platform. Create AR/VR projects in 10 minutes without learning any programming language. After creating the work, using the mobile phone to watch the 3D scene, using the interactive learning method, I immediately learned how to use AR VR technology to do marketing activities for the company in a short time, such as scratch cards, quizzes, and point cards. In a short one-day course, you can quickly get started with AR VR knowledge, and the days when you can use it for commercial and daily purposes to create a better life will be just around the corner!heart