New MAKAR Is Here!

Good news! Brand new MAKAR is here!
MAKAR recognizes everything, and was born to create. We believe everyone can be a AR/VR MAKER.
Welcome to the world of AR/VR crafting, where everyone is able to create their own AR/VR implementation. With MAKAR APP, you will be able to explore wonderful interactive implementations built with our MAKAR Editor. You will be amazed by how such creativities can be found around you. 

MAKAR AR/VR Editor Platform provides you effective features to build AR/VR implementation fast and easily. The features include: image recognition, GPS. AR Core, ARKit, HDR VR. You can full utilize any image, video, 3D, and audio. With simple drag and drops, you can build and publis your AR/VR projects, without coding. MAKAR is extremely useful to be utilized for various purposes such as education, publication, retails, branding and marketing. Now, let's see what are the updates included in new MAKAR!

UI Updates:
1. Intuitive UI design
2. Diverse browsing experience
3. Smoother navigation
4. File saving without publishing
5. Improved performances and stability

New features:
1. ARKit/ARCore
2. GPS location based recognition 
3. Multi-level interactive features
4. Support HDR 360 VR resource
5. Support YouTube 360 video
6. Convenient chroma key tool
7. Support animated GIF
8. Faster 3D model processing