Japan launches AR dodgeball

​The Japanese company HADO launched a new game, combined with virtual reality and traditional dodgeball sports, became one of the large-scale e-sports games, and held the World Championship in Japan, and introduced the HADO dodgeball in the Party Room venue. Japan hopes to make such an initiative May be loaned to the sports industry for a new shock!angel

The first AR dodgeball game held in 2018 : a total of 14 teams from 7 countries were called together to compete for a prize of 2 million yen (about 142,000 Hong Kong dollars)mail

In addition to physical strength and technology, the key to the AR dodgeball decisive battle is that the iPhone you wear is closely related to the player. The app will include the speed of the electric ball, the size of the electric ball, the strength of the shield, and the charging speed. Each player has 6 points, you can enhance the score for items with only 1 point in each item, up to 5 points; for example, adding 5 points to the shield strength will get the strongest shield, but only 2 points (6-4=2) strengthen other items, so Communicating with your teammates in advance and making good use of points to enhance the team setting is also the most important part of HADO's dodgeball.enlightened

Japanese companies hold AR dodgeball contests, World Cup-level virtual sports competitions, virtual reality integrates into life, reduces sports injuries, and the combination of technology and safety concepts has made AR reality flourish in the Japanese entertainment industry, and also announced that the trend of AR sports is approaching. heart