National Taiwan Library express new interpretation of AR technology

The National Taiwan Library has also joined the digitalization trend, bringing the ancient objects in the museum to life through the use of new technologies such as AR and VR, and in order to promote the culture to the world, digital textbooks and stereos in 4 languages ​​including Chinese and Vietnamese are added New teaching aids such as books and board games provided for teachers across the country.heartheartheart
Zheng Laichang, director of the National Taiwan Library , said that this time, based on the "Taiwan Fanshe Map" and "Sixty-seven Two Collections of Wind Maps" collected by the  National Taiwan Library , invited scholars such as history, geography, literature and other experts to collate and study the texts Life, customs, research and development of the "See Formosa-Taiwan in the Seventeenth and Eighth Century" series of teaching materials, please ask Southeast University to use VR virtual reality, AR augmented reality and digital e-books to bring ancient maps to life ;Renaissance business students use the materials to design three-dimensional books, board games, picture books and other cultural and creative commodities and innovative teaching aids.enlightened
In addition to Chinese, this series of textbooks is also available in English, Malay and Vietnamese. The AR/VR made by MAKAR technology allows education to increase the room for education. What's more special is that the content is not only concise, but also designed virtual influencer to teach students to attract students' attention to achieve the educational and entertaining purpose together !

The National Taiwan Library  said, "Seeing Formosa-The Legend of the Seventeenth and Eighth Century" all the digital teaching materials are on the website of "The New Interpretation of Wind-Special Exhibition of Ancient Maps and Customs in Taiwan", and the MOOCS course The method is presented in the Taiwan University e-learning platform of Sky University, and all teachers and the public are free to use; before July 5th, people are also welcome to visit the fifth floor of the  National Taiwan Library .

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