Adobe combines AR with PDF files and immediately sees text annotations by using mobile phones

Adobe has always been a tool software that everyone loves to use, and recently published its plan Dually Noted. The plan is to use the AR function to allow readers to take out their phones directly and read AR notes if they have any unclear parts when reading PDFs. At present, this experiment is loved by the majority of teachers and students, and there is a step forward in the future of digital files! wink

This project was launched by Jing Qian, an summer intern at Adobe. Although it has just launched and is still in the preview stage, if it becomes an official project of Adobe, it will have the opportunity to be put into the Acrobat Reader function, and then One billion desktop computers and mobile devices that have installed the software all over the world can use "digital files"! mail

Adobe said that this text annotation function using AR technology, a human-oriented design, allows users to add AR text annotations to PDF files, directly contrasting the physical books with the same content, students can also use the problem paragraphs of the book This technology immediately gives teachers advice. If this innovative approach is popularized, the communication between students and teachers will be faster and more efficient, and the space for academic exchange will be increased.

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