Audi smartly integrate VR elements to upgrade rider experience

Image credit  :Holoride

Audi has partnered with Disney to launch a new consumer experience over the past few years, moving digital content to "VR Virtual Reality" through the "Marvel's Avengers: Rocket's Rescue Run" work !

At the beginning of 2017, Audi used VR and sandbox to experience racing.
In 2018, the combination of AR and TV commercials let the public feel that Audi cars are in front of the eyes.
In 2019 , Disney collaborate with Audi and use Sismey's work  "Marvel’s Avengers: Rocket’s Rescue Run" , transfer digital content to "VR virtual reality" and displayed on Audi e-tron (Audi electric car in 2018)

AudAudi Immersive In-Car Entertainment

Audi launched the "Audio Virtual Reality Experience" (also known as Audi XR). The experience content is that when the current driver is driving, you only need to wear VR glasses in the back seat and you will experience VR at the same time . The scene in the VR virtual world will be as the same as the moment that car moves and turns, it happens in sync with the real-world situation. Let me show you an example : When encountering traffic lights in the real world, the stopped scenes and contents of the virtual world will occur!

The main focus of this newly launched plan is that Audi clearly grasps the deep needs of consumers. Passengers often feel bored and do not know what to do when riding for a long time. Audi, In addition , is using VR to solidate brand image and promote their new electric cars, . Think it for a while , if applied to long-distance passenger/bus, train or airplane, can you also eliminate the sense of tiredness from passengers? How to do to  increase your passenger's satisfaction?

In order to use AR to become one of the new marketing models, Audi has also invested in the establishment of a new cooperation called "Holoride".
 In the  future, Audi also plan to open a new platform through "Holoride" so that many developers can put their creative content on platform by themselves and develop career with Audi in the digital field!

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