Stay Safe! During Epidemic period , Google launched the Arts & Culture APP used VR to view the world museums

During the epidemic period , world-famous museums and art galleries had to be closed for a while. In order to continue to prmote culture and art, many museums and art galleries embeded  VR and AR technology, and the response from the public is positive . The 360-degree guided video of the Metropolitan Museum of Art has 41 times increase in visits. The Art Basel exhibition was cancelled, but the team present 2100 works in the online exhibition room, and the website crashed due to overloaded traffic as soon as the website opened.

As early 2016, the Arts & Culture App launched by Google also uses VR technology to allow people to experience and appreciate collections from all over the world on mobile devices, becoming a popular "Stay safe" one Entertaining options. 


Daniel Birnbaum, former of the Stockholm Museum of Contemporary Art, believes that AR is a tool for the popularization of art, allowing people to access audiences other than traditional exhibition forms through mobile devices. He said that regardless of whether there is a COVID-19 virus happened in this world, the digitalization of art is an inevitable in future .

In the past, AR and VR technologies were often unable to be popularized due to high cost and immature technology. However, the epidemic issue has changed people's lifestyles. More and more companies are using AR and VR to held online meetings or provide services, and cause the expansion the demand for VR and AR.

In the future, VR and AR will put more emphasis on the form of household interaction with people, but also require more complex and huge data calculation and transmission requirements. 5G technology has the characteristics of high-speed transmission, low delay, and large bandwidth, which can effectively improve the problem of delay. In addition to driving the development of AR and VR hardware and software devices, in terms of services, it is also expected to provide consumers with a more innovative experience. yes

To watch Google Art & Culture  video click here