Watching the concert at home! HTC's VR technology equippedwith 5G make it in reality ! !

Have you ever found you don't feel good about the concert because the crowding ? Imagine one day, if you can sit comfortably in the your sofa at the same time enjoy the live concert scene, superb performances by Jolin Tsai and Mayday. Now HTC combined with 5G technology, wearing HTC VIVE head-mounted display (HMD), can also experience concert audiovisual at home at the same time as the live concert. This innovative technology will give people more entertainment when it matures !

Chen Boyu, general manager of HTC, said, "This year is the first year of 5G. From 4G to 5G is definitely not just a speed or technology upgrade, but an important key that will drive the development of the overall industrial chain." The current global economy is affected by the impact of the COVID-19 . The industry is also facing a fierce survival crisis. Whoever can take the first step of digital transformation and master the advantages brought by 5G technology will have a chance to win in the future. It turns out that 5G is so close to us! The future application scenarios are at hand. As 5G application technology gradually matures, it can also create a richer digital experience. Innovative applications such as medical consultations, as well as the transformation of current popular video needs into immersive reality multi-collaboration in the future, show more diverse and splendid lives.

The rapid development of global virtual reality and augmented reality (VR / AR), integration of upstream and downstream industry chains, in response to the changes brought about by 5G and AI, the application area has been applied to many fields. In addition to focusing on medical consultation and Distance Learning corporate training, and factory processes will also be extended to sports and fitness, collaborative design and other fields, breaking the time and space constraints, conducting cross-industry cooperation, and giving the innovators a great incentive to create new services!