Microsoft released VROOM combined with AR and VR technologies to make long-distance conferences into live !

Affected by the epidemic, Companies from all the world are doing long-distance meetings. In such a working environment, do you find it boring to face the screen the whole day ? You cannot interact with colleagues and write ideas in the discussion board as before.
Microsoft has followed the trend to develop a combination of AR and VR technology that allows you to interact with colleagues at home as you would in a work environment.

How does Microsoft do it? Firstly, using a group of mobile robots placed in the office, combined with Holographic Projection, people who wear augmented reality headsets such as HoloLens can see other people connected from the device. Other people who has the same device can see their colleagues "appeared" in the office just like working place .

In order to allow people in different places to feel the sense of working together, the service provided by VROOM allows humans to effectively apply virtual to reality. However, at present, the technology is not mature yet and still in the experimental period. There is atill a room for human to improve technology to get closer to people's needs.

In addition to Microsoft, including Facebook, HTC, and NVIDIA are proposing to develop through virtual vision to work together at different place, so that distance is no longer a problem at work. In the past, there was no urgent need for such technology applications. Under the influence of the Virus epidemic, many people have to work remotely, which has also promoted the development of this technology, and it can be applied to more experience at the work level in the future.

Would like to take a glance at this fancy AR VR VROOM  technology ? To watch the Video , please click here . Let's explore together !