The first AR coloring card in Taiwan- Bring 3DMommy's image into to life

The first AR coloring card in Taiwan- Bring 3DMommy's image into to life.

Mother's Day is coming, and many people's travel plans are affected by the epidemic, and they stay at home to celebrate Mother's Day. MIFKY provides people with a free AR coloring card experience. As long as you scan the QR code after finish painting on the AR coloring card, the Mommy on the WebAR coloring card will be 3D in front of your eyes! Give the WebAR coloring card to your mmmy and  cultivate parent-child interaction in a warm atmosphere is not only fun, but also allows children to draw love and gratitude to their mothers!   

WebAR, owned by MIFLY, can easily run on the web browsers of Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac systems, without the need to use an APP, as long as the recognition image is scanned, 3D animation can be presented, allowing the public to view 3D pictures and Animation, games or teaching, combined with creative planning schemes, can form explosive viral marketing effects, which can be applied in a variety of fields to satisfy people's exploration of virtual and actual spaces.

How to actually do it? In fact ,The steps are very simple and convenient! Let's take a look!

Experience the first WebAR coloring card

1. First draw the blank figure with the appearance of the mother

2. Scan QR CODE on the coloring card to open WebAR

3. Active and allow access to the camera

4. Scan the WEB AR coloring card area, scan the entire coloring area until it turns green, and press Color Palette button

5. Start to experience the 3D stereo mummy and click the camera image to take a picture

In addition, there are teaching videos, please see this — AR mommy coloring card teaching video

Join MAKAR to create your AR cloloring card together! 

This event is specially held with the online event of "Mother's Day Experience AR Prize". From now until 5/20, as long as you like and upload photos with 3D hand-drawn mommy on the MAKAR fan page, you will have a chance to win the prize! Hurry up and call your friends and family to participate!