Kaohsiung XR hyper-Somatosensory Amusement Park -Experience the charm of

Kaohsiung City Hall attaches great importance to the development of ARVR technology, and hopes to combine Taiwan's outstanding AR VR technology with the real life of the people, not only to increase the choice of people and family and friends during leisure time, but also to implement the increase of people to learn technology Prospect of knowledge, Kaohsiung City, in order to promote the somatosensory technology industry, create an experimental experience field, encourage manufacturers to use somatosensory technology, and develop innovative products for entertainment, health care, experience education, manufacturing assistance and other fields. 108 year Kaohsiung City Somatosensory Science and Technology Park Project Subsidy ",  which ten cases were approved in the theme application-type project subsidy. In the subsidy plan, the "XR hyper-Somatosensory  Amusement Park" was launched. The amusement park promotes such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and somatosensory devices to present the new technology of VR2.0."XR hyper-Somatosensory  Amusement Park  is now coming to the public in April for all the people to experience!

Unlike the previous VR experience-based somatosensory experience, "XR hyper-Somatosensory  Amusement Park  has added a part of humanities and arts, so that people who love humanities and arts can immerse themselves in the intangible culture and transform it into a tangible presentation. There are two major exhibition areas of "Dinosaur" in ancient times and "Music" in the exhibition. In terms of game entertainment, the first dinosaur exhibition area to open to the public experience is the concept of "Dinosaur Epoch Time Station". Wear a Vive helmet and take a ride The interactive "Time Machine" cockpit returns to the Jurassic period, travels through volcanoes, jungles, the sea and heat waves, and launches a sea, land and air adventure in the place where ancient dinosaurs gather. In the music exhibition area, Mayday cooperated with the MV post-production team of artists such as Zhang Huimei and other artists to launch the immersive VR + AR music performance of artist An Pu's "Singing of Moss". Through volumetric photography technology, the audience can enjoy An Pu's music from a distance Performance, increase the diversity of applications across multiple fields of content and industry.

The application of "XR hyper-Somatosensory  Amusement Park  is not only in entertainment and music, but can also be extended to education to create a perfect somatosensory Amusement Park for children. Mind & Idea Fly Co., Ltd. (MIFLY) has established a long-term Taiwanese education market to use technology to assist children's learning and implement children's lessons on weekdays Through AR VR, you can directly access the things taught in the textbooks, and you can more vividly reproduce the past history; in addition, some somatosensory games for children combined with educational content, through gestures and actions to control the synchronized screen game, release the children's lively good Dynamic nature, take the initiative to acquire knowledge to satisfy unlimited curiosity, deeper learning also brings more happiness. In addition, children's lack of safety knowledge, somatosensory technology can also simulate time-limited scenes, let children practice, establish children's safety awareness and self-protection ability.

The application of somatosensory technology across multiple fields will lead to a new generation of technological innovation and industrial transformation, not only entertainment education, but also medical and military aspects in the future.From a macro perspective, the future and many fields of somatosensory technology Combining to build a "Smart Learning" of "anyone can learn any content at any time, any place, and in any way, and can directly acquire knowledge."

"XR hyper-Somatosensory  Amusement Park
The ""XR hyper-Somatosensory  Amusement Park" business hours are 11:00 to 22:00 on weekdays and 10: 30-22: 00 on holidays. The dinosaur exhibition area will be open to 8/31 and RMB 300 per experience from now on; Open until 7/31, 220 yuan each time, there are other discounts for online and group ticket purchases, people are welcome online reservation.