Congratulates to Mind & Idea Fly Co., Ltd. (MIFLY) be selected in EduTECH Asia,2020 Asia's largest education exhibition

In 2020, EduTECH Asia, the largest education exhibition in Asia held by Terrapinn, will be launched in Singapore. Education Parenting Family LifeStyle CEO He Qiyu created an educational "Startup 20+ activity", hoping to build an educational innovation ecosystem and promote the information and resources of educators and private governments for innovative households, thereby optimizing the current education system .Today, there are many educational start-up companies flourishing, and more and more young entrepreneurs, through the addition of technology, break through the previous framework of education, design the motivation for inducing students to learn independently, and provide solutions that are different from traditional education. And product services.

Not only hopes to provide education in Taiwan, but also expects to expand the overseas education market by selecting outstanding teams. Parent-child world will cooperate with the National Development Committee to provide the key resources needed for new startups: International Business Development Counseling Subsidy, and cooperate with National Taiwan University Innovation Center to provide 6 months of complete business strategy, market counseling, individual team counseling, funding Business matchmaking, etc. I hope to build a community of mutual support for new educational start-ups and help them succeed.

Education Parenting Family LifeStyle emphasizes: "We especially hope that the partners who come to participate in the selection of education innovation will not only be alone, but also have more benefits for the actions and connections of schools, teachers and students in the system. Let our next generation Both can benefit from comprehensive educational innovation and have the opportunity to self-realize and become a better self. "

While Mind & Idea Fly Co., Ltd. (MIFLY) will travel to Singapore and demonstrate to the international platform team how Taiwan ’s technological strength can be used to digitize education and improve the quality of new generation education.Mind & Idea Fly Co., Ltd. (MIFLY),,the only domestic developer of augmented reality underlying technology in Taiwan, uses leading augmented reality (AR) ) And virtual reality (VR) mobile application software services, image recognition and tracking technology as the core, combining cloud technology, AI, machine learning, big data analysis, multimedia Interactively, developed more than ten innovative AR / VR mobile application service modules, and development of Taiwan ’s largest AR / VR open platform "MAKAR", anyone can freely develop AR / VR application content, AR, VR and The advantages of MR (Mix Reality) STEAM education and learning bring influential digital learning to the international stage.

Google Taiwan Managing Director Jian Lifeng once said : Taiwan is a sea or an island. Children need the courage to sail. In fact, early  2018, Mind & Idea Fly Co., Ltd. (MIFLY) began to counsel a large number of schools and small and medium-sized enterprises to use the MAKAR editor for AR / VR content development and application, so that AR / VR digital content can be effectively integrated into the STEAM education and industrial market to achieve digital transformation and effectively help Taiwan AR / VR STEAM education, introduction of syllabus, independent development of digital teaching materials by teachers, and perfect learning process. With the convenience brought by students and teachers 'contact with technology, a new generation of education will no longer be a spoon-feeding education. Through fun learning methods, students' independent learning experience and good learning will be increased, so that Taiwanese students can adapt to future technological revolution ,the era of zero cost.