Vive Cosmos launches a new era of VR experience

image:Vive Cosmos

All new PC VR -「Vive Cosmos」is launched today (10/3) across the globe. It comes with the latest inside-out tracking system, high resolutions display and interchangable accessories, a break through for VR devices.

VIVE Cosmos headset specifications

Display 3.4inches LCD
Resolutions single 1440 x 1700 pixel(dual2880 x 1700pixel)
Framerate 90 Hz
FOV 110 degree
Audio Stereo speaker
Audio input Build-in mic
Connection USB-C 3.0、DisplayPort™ 1.2
Spcae requirement smallest 2m x 1.5m recommanded
Interchangable VIVE tracking pad(default)
VIVE Cosmos interchangablemodule (sold separately)
VIVE remote yes,sold separately


Vive Cosmos comes with 2880 X 1700 pixel,with LCD to present RGB primary colors.

Remote tracking

Vive Cosmos comes with 6 cameras to improve inside out tracking ability in order to provide extremely accurate tracking outcome.


Supports SteamVR Tracking, with SteamVR platform 1.0 and 2.0 compatible.

VIVE Reality System

Vive's homemade VR system「VIVE Reality System」,provide GUI「Lens」cotrol panel,allows users to trigger between SteamVR and VIVEPORT Infinity。


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source:Trampuncle、Vive Cosmos