【CES 2020】Samsung unveils smart home applications

image:ces 2020

H.S.Kim (CEO of Samsung) spoke as the keynote on CES 2020, he stated the future of technology relies on experience design, and how smart home application has become the most vital invention.

Apart from the conceptual illustration, the event showcased various important product designs, such as robotic helper 「Ballie」, physiotherapy technology implementation 「GEMS」(Gait Enhancing & Motivating System), the most awaiting product AR Glasses andmany more. 

Prototype AR Glasses integrates exoskeleton GEMS
One of the concpt of smart home application is to erase the border between virtual and reality, and integrates both into one. Therefore Samsung has fused AR glasses and GEMS technology together to deliver a virtual health advisor, helping patients to carry out physiotherapy appropriately. 

Samsung Gear VR helps visually impaired to live a normal life
Following video explaines how Samsung Gear VR helps visually impaired to communicate, and even [sees] their friends and families.

H.S.Kim (CEO of Samsung) complete speech can be watched here: