EPSON & MAKAR introduce AR learning tool

Internationally known brand EPSON not only produce printer and projector. Since 2011, EPSON has started to develop AR Glasses, and now there are multiple companies and education institutes are using EPSON AR Glasses for various purposes.

Japan manufacturer JAMCS has used AR glasses to improve productivity, meanwhile Taipei Municipal Xinhai Elementary School has implemented AR glasses to improve learning and teaching. In the age of 5G communication, AR and VR will evolve along with AR glasses and the technologies will become more and more important.

​Knowing AR glasses are going to be a round shaking product, EPSON is working closely together with the only underlying AR technology developer in Taiwan, Mind and Idea Fly to develop an AR/VR editing platform MAKAR. MAKAR lets everyone to create AR/VR contents, empowers creativity and experiece the outcomes on EPSON AR glasses.

EPSON and Mind and Idea Fly introduce a new way of learning with AR technology.