Communication industry grabs big business opportunities in 5G and AR

In recent years, most people believe that AR is equal to Pokémon.
In fact, augmented reality (AR) technology has been proposed since 1990 (encyclopedia), but in practical applications, more software support and hardware support are needed. Of course, in the past few years, many manufacturers have launched A large number of AR APPs, including AR face recognition, AR wear, AR games, etc., including FB also proposed AR face photo effects (Frame Studio), IG AR blink game (track ID: dvoshansky and selected "FILTERS in the dynamic "Filter, select" Try FLYING FACE ").
In the increasingly popular state of AR, most of the marketing began to use existing related platforms for marketing promotion. With the popularization of WebAR, the application of AR in the market has become more and more easy to bring more functions and services to users.

Multi-Marketing Application of WebAR


Through the App, the animals that have no longer existed, people and things far away are reappeared beside you and me, are the applications that AR has shown; creating virtual idols, making virtual idols appear in front of our eyes, has also been successfully tried . If you are not familiar with how to maintain and operate the machine, you can immediately call out an interactive manual to guide the operation, and even ask a virtual teacher to guide you. There are also examples. With the help of WebAR, it will become easier for enterprises to develop AR applications and users to operate AR services.


XR combined with 5G business brings huge opportunities for Communication companies 


Based on the commercial potential of 5G services, communications company Verizon Media actively developed XR technology, and cooperated with RYOT to open the first 5G production studio in the United States in Los Angeles, integrating virtual characters, dynamic capture, expression capture, augmented reality, live broadcast, etc. Technology, to help customers quickly produce XR movies or programs, and send them directly to the audience. Relying on 5G services and XR technology, Verizon is planning to arrange all possible business opportunities from upstream production to content broadcasting.

Asia Pacific Telecom also seeks innovation opportunities in 5G with new entrepreneurs through the accelerator platform, which also includes AR film production, AR application and other directions. Asia Pacific Telecom's "5G Innovation Accelerator Project", the second phase of 15 teams from Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and Canada, has officially started training a few days ago.

Chunghwa Telecom is also actively investing in the combined use of 5G and AR. In addition to launching the CHT AR platform, it provides a one-stop solution for AR scene creation, storage management, preview testing, and release to the shelves. In addition, it also integrates operators in different fields to conduct experiments on AR face recognition, AR guides, commercial shopping guides, and even audio-visual services in various fields.

Others, including Taiwan University of Telecommunications, Yuanchuan, and Taiwan Star, have also invested in technology research and development and new venture cooperation for AR applications such as industry, entertainment, and education.

Multi-presentation and platform selection of enterprise applications
The AR market has great opportunities, and many start-ups will naturally choose this area to develop AR application services. For example, Miffy Multimedia firstly invested in WebAR service. In order to reduce the difficulty of developing WebAR webpages, and at the same time, the benefits created by WebAR can be included in their own websites. Launched a WebAR service platform.

In the face of the battle between many mainstream platforms, Factual CEO Fang Yiwen said that Google, Facebook, and the future Apple (Apple), everyone is competing for the future AR / VR mainstream platform, limited resources for technological development For new entrepreneurs, they can only "choose wood while living" to the extent possible. WebAR with cross-platform capabilities may become a solution for developing AR services for start-ups and application companies.

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