How to Create a Web AR Scratch Card

How to Create a Web AR Scratch Card

There're some tips to create a AR digital scratch card?  
Please follow the following steps:

1. Choose up-left corner  >  Create new project

2. Name your project; upload target image, cover image and can choose wheather to open WebAR version, depending on your needs.

3. Switch to "2D Screen" on up-left corner

4. Choose "New Resources" on left colum  > "Image"

Choose the image resource, click open.

6. Upload.

7. Switch module.

8. Choose "scratch" and drag to the middle.

9. Choose "ScratchCard".

10. Choose the scratching resource:Scratch card-1.png

11. Adjust resource size, and its position.
Postition:X:0 Y:0,(becauseX,Y are both O,the object will in the middle.)
Size:X:720 Y:1080,(adjust depending on the size of image.)

12. Choose the prize image: Scratch card-2.png

13. Delete the background and content of scratch card.

14. Choose the resource, drag Scratch card-4 .png as the background.

15. Set your prize-probility.
(1) There is only one image in this tourial, thus the probility is 100.  
(2) If there're differnt prizes on your project, you can set on different probilities on each prize.
(3) Set the exchange code.

Click up-right corner  >  publish the project.

Click link and start your WebAR photo frame experience
  • WebAR,can be experience directly on webpage(no MAKAR APP installation needed)
  • APP.experience with MAKAR APP(MAKAR APP installation needed)
Downloda the AR ScratchCard resources here