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"Burn That AD!" Buger King app let users burn its rival by ARtech

2021-05-05 MAKAR

Do you think this is an AD from McDonald's? Completely opposite! This was the creation from
XR Practical Applications Course (Basic)

2021-04-06 MAKAR

XR practical applications course (Basic)   Approval Number:Taipei City seminar No. 11001290
4/6 GMT+8 20:30- 22:30 Routine Maintenance

2021-04-06 MAKAR

4/6 GMT+8 20:30- 22:30 There will be a routine maintenence on MAKAR website, and part of functi
XR practical applications course (Advanced)

2021-04-06 MAKAR

XR practical applications course (Advanced)   Approval Number:Taipei City seminar No. 11001
AR makes walking become interesting!

2021-03-26 MAKAR

Nintendo and the AR game-developing studio Niantic recently co-released the news that AR Pikmin App
Combine AR with Education: Proposal of Immersive Art Experiences and Tabletop Puzzle Games

2021-03-17 汪檍

The biggest advantage of combining augmented reality and education is to dispel the boundary between
Straits of Immersive Experience of AR/VR will Improve the Limits on WFH and Virtual Meeting

2021-03-05 MAKAR

As the Covid-19 continues ravaging, what does AR/VR can do and undo the inconvience on living and wo
With MAKAR XR editing platform, Epson's AR glasses have smart education keep rolling!

2021-03-02 MAKAR

Epson collaborates MIFLY participating in 2020 EDtech TAIWAN, the most sizable exbition in smart edu
Release of Japanese and Korean Version of MAKAR XR Engine!

2021-02-04 MAKAR

MAKAR XR Engine brings out the scenario to have XR makers worldwide enjoy creating their AR/VR/MR pr
"AR Gallery" Presents Famous Painting by Brand-New AR Photo Frame Style!

2021-01-29 MAKAR

MAKAR XR Editor can design personal AR 2D photo frame!  The tutor has the high school teachers
MAKAR is Attending CES During 1/11- 1/14!

2021-01-11 MAKAR

MAKAR is attending CES during 1/11- 1/14!  Mind & Idea Fly Co., Ltd. (MIFLY), with a
2020 Taiwan Senior High XR Competition

2020-12-15 MAKAR

2020 Taiwan Senior High XR Competition has been completed on 11th December!  17teams, a
Renewal of MAKAR V3.2.0

2020-12-06 MAKAR

MAKAR V3.2.0 Release! Please find out the renewing information
Mifly Provides with AR Solution in Taiwan 5G Festival held by Chunghwa Telecom

2020-11-16 MAKAR

2020 is the beginning year of 5G in Taiwan. In 12th- 13th November, Chunghwa Telecom holds the &q
Taoyuan Shan Fong Elementary School Holds Art Exhibition with WebAR Techniques!

2020-11-12 MAKAR

Taoyuan Shan Fong Elementary School holds art exhibition and invites commissioner of Department of E
Department of Dentistry of NYMU shares it's 3D and digital dental model through MAKAR

2020-10-27 MAKAR

Photo offered from Wang, Ding-Han, Assistant Professor of Department of Dentistry of National Yang-M
XR trainings and the foundamental concept about image recognition

2020-10-16 MAKAR

Thanks to the invitation by China Productivity Center, Mifly provides with some examples and ap
Happy Moon Festival! Take a photo with AR MAKAR

2020-09-30 MAKAR

Tomorrow is Chinese Moon Festival !  In this special day, MAKAR wishes you Happy Moon Festiv
MAKAR Earns the Third Place of 2020 Asia Smart App Awards

2020-09-18 MAKAR

On 17 September 2020 Asia Smart App Award Ceremony, held by Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry
Taipei Public Library Creates its VR tour


Taipei Public Library Xiyuan branch launches its new VR space game!  During

2020-09-13 MAKAR

AR回憶錄 9/20(日) 13:30-16:30 國高中生 9/4下午2:00起開放網路報名,此場次延長報名

2020-09-04 MAKAR

Czech delegation visits Taiwan and MIFLY share XR technology application with them

2020-09-02 MAKAR

Under the influence of the epidemic, the Czech business delegation still eliminated all difficulti
VR combined with art to improve modern people's insomnia

2020-08-27 MAKAR

Recently, the team from RMIT University in Australia, in order to solve the life pressure and in
VR technology has a significant effect on the treatment of military PTSD

2020-08-25 MAKAR

In the past, VR used for military simulation training can be imagined, but today it can also be
VR constructs long-term nursing homes to improve the life of the elderly

2020-08-18 MAKAR

How to provide a better life for the elderly has become a  common issue, especially dementi
Add AR and VR technology to Children's Books, the Queen of Egypt is right in front of you!

2020-08-14 MAKAR

In recent years, Europe has promoted new-style education, so it developed a fairy tale book combinin
AR Ordering comes to alive , Hololamp creates 3D physical food menu

2020-08-11 MAKAR

(Image source: official website) Recently, Hololamp has launched a new AR application program -
XR Hackathon 109-Competition Registration

2020-08-11 MAKAR

As long as you are a high school student, you can sign up to participate in this hackathon. This c

2020-08-11 MAKAR

AR回憶錄   8/30(日) 13:30-16:30 國小學生(限3~6年級)
5G drives the fashion industry, VR fashion show

2020-08-07 MAKAR

(Image source: YAHOO News) With the advent of the 5G era and the impact of the epidemic, indust
MIFLY was invited to participate in the PTPET Workshop

2020-07-31 MAKAR

In order to cope with the impact of digital transformation, the Ministry of Education plans to p
Changhua County AI Summer Camp creates AR Father Day event

2020-07-29 MAKAR

Changhua County AI Summer Camp specially joined the latest technology AR project, so that school-a
Experience Feed your the graffiti !RakugakiAR makes your pictures come alive!

2020-08-05 MAKAR

Recently, everyone is playing with the graffiti created by themself and  feeding it. How to
109 AR/VR One-Day Camp and Hackathon Contest Presentation

2020-07-27 MAKAR

Event Description: The high school multi-curriculum linking university's 18-academic group mult
The Sakura Cup uses AR technology to present 3D cherry blossom scene while drinking!

2020-07-16 MAKAR

Starbucks launched the Japanese Sakura Cup series in 2020. Most of the cups are made of light pink
Japan launches AR dodgeball

2020-07-14 MAKAR

​The Japanese company HADO launched a new game, combined with virtual reality and traditional dodgeb
Apple upgrades VR experience, coming soon with VR gloves

2020-06-30 MAKAR

▲ Apple VR glove simulation . (Source: iDROP) With the advent of the 5G era, in addition to t

2020-06-29 MAKAR

Taipei City promotes virtual/augmented (AR/VR) reality into the application and implementation of mi
National Taiwan Library express new interpretation of AR technology

2020-06-09 MAKAR

The National Taiwan Library has also joined the digitalization trend, bringing the ancient objects i
Adobe combines AR with PDF files and immediately sees text annotations by using mobile phones

2020-06-24 MAKAR

Adobe has always been a tool software that everyone loves to use, and recently published its pla
Audi smartly integrate VR elements to upgrade rider experience

2020-06-02 MAKAR

Image credit  :Holoride Audi has partnered with Disney to launch a new consumer experien
Why do farmers in Moscow, Russia put on VR glasses for their cows?

2020-05-21 MAKAR

If you travel to the countryside in Russia, you will see a rare scene, a group of cows wearing VR
The first AR coloring card in Taiwan- Bring 3DMommy's image into to life

2020-05-08 MAKAR

The first AR coloring card in Taiwan- Bring 3DMommy's image into to life. Mother's Da
【CES 2020】Panasonic unveils super high definition VR glasses!

2020-01-10 MAKAR

image:Panasonic Panasonic has showcased their latest invention VR Glasses on CES2020. This
【CES 2020】Samsung unveils smart home applications

2020-01-08 MAKAR

image:ces 2020 H.S.Kim (CEO of Samsung) spoke as the keynote on CES 2020, he stated the future
AR Glasses and 《MAKAR》cultivate curiosity and learning interest among elementary school children

2020-01-06 MAKAR

image:epson taiwan AR/VR has seen a steep future in becoming a household implementation, but in
SANRIO introduces AR game《Hello Kitty AR:Kawaii World》

2020-01-02 MAKAR

image:Bublar Group Hello Kitty is perhaps the most famous IP of Sanrio Co. and it is also belov
Google ARCore introduces Depth API to improve AR experience

2019-12-24 MAKAR

image:Google Since Google unveiled ANdroind ARCore, more and more developments are being made o
MAKAR featured in CES 2020

2019-12-17 MAKAR

image:TTA  「CES」is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technolog
EPSON & MAKAR introduce AR learning tool

2019-12-09 MAKAR

Internationally known brand EPSON not only produce printer and projector. Since 2011, EPSON has
Coca-Cola celebrates a fun Christmas with amusing AR packaging

2019-12-02 MAKAR

image:Coca-Cola Coca-Cola celebrates this Christmas with an amusing AR (Augmented Reality) prod
「Startup X」helps entrepreneurs to engage with 5G

2019-11-27 MAKAR

image:digitimes Organized by DIGITIMES and Dept. of economic development, Taipei CIty Governmen
Jinshan AR event - Jia Ri Shi Guang

2019-11-25 MAKAR

▲ image:FB New Taipei City Government has organized "Jia Ri Shi Guang" activity on No
《Mind & Idea Fly》MAKAR improves AR/VR market penetration

2019-11-22 MAKAR

Mind & Idea Fly's self-developed MAKAR lets corporate users to engage with AR/VR fast an
MIND & IDEA FLY wins TTA grants to attend CES 2020

2019-11-18 MAKAR

CES is the biggest consumer electronic products expo around the globe, it showcases important co
CTV 50 years anniversay celebration with WebAR implementation

2019-11-12 MAKAR

China Television Company, Ltd., or more commonly known as CTV, started its broadcasting on 1969,
November 21st 【AR and VR Creative Class】at New Taipei City Library

2019-11-08 MAKAR

▲New Taipei City Library ARVR class_10/24 photographed New Taipei City Library (Main Library) a
VR plays a role in solving climate change

2019-11-05 MAKAR

image:Pixabay Climate change is one of the most important topic and issue humanity facing right n
Taipei CIty Wanhua Dist. Library AR implementation: AR archive photographs

2019-10-31 MAKAR

image:Taipei Wanhua Dist. Library Taipei Wanhua DIst. Library stores the one of the richest arc
Interested in ARVR? Then you need to know these keywords

2019-10-31 MAKAR

Every industry has unique and important keywords, for example, Augmented Reality is referred to
《VRock-II》is your best VR headset

2019-10-28 MAKAR

Recently, VR has created a shockwave that rocks the entertainment industry. However, there are m
Mind and Idea Fly is working with New Taipei City Library to deliver AR VR Creative Classes

2019-10-23 MAKAR

As ARVR emerged as a business trend, many companies and agencies are using ARVR for their business,
Tourism factory used ARVR to attract visitors

2019-10-24 MAKAR

image:Pexels Tourism factory is originated from Europe, and now it has become an attraction in Ta
Mind and Idea Fly wins CTV 《Startup777》 competition

2019-10-23 MAKAR

CTV established FTV Accelerator to promote and assist Startup ecosystem of Taiwan, and co-working wi
Visit Château de Versailles on VR

2019-10-21 MAKAR

​image:Château de Versailles ​ The famous Château de Versailles museum stores t
Google closes Jump VR, what does it mean?

2019-10-18 MAKAR

image:Google Jump VR Google has annouced to close its VR platform Jump VR, and annouced the closu
6 widely used AR implementations

2019-10-15 MAKAR

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels Since Apple and Google join the Augmented Reality battle
Denmark educated teenagers about respnsible drinking with VR

2019-10-08 MAKAR

image:pxhere Teenagers are prohibited to consume alcohol beverages is a common practice in under
Germany Burger King wins the fast food war with AR game

2019-10-05 MAKAR

image:Burger King Inspired by 《It:Chapter 2》, Burger King introduces a LBS AR activity 
Vive Cosmos launches a new era of VR experience

2019-10-03 MAKAR

image:Vive Cosmos All new PC VR -「Vive Cosmos」is launched today (10/3) across the globe. I
Communication industry grabs big business opportunities in 5G and AR

2020-03-13 MAKAR

In recent years, most people believe that AR is equal to Pokémon. In fact, augmented reali
Microsost announces to publish AR《Minecraft Earth》

2019-10-01 MAKAR

image:Minecraft Minecraft has sold over 1.76 billion copies worldwide and 2019 is 10 years annive
New MAKAR Is Here!

2019-09-12 MAKAR

Good news! Brand new MAKAR is here! MAKAR recognizes everything, and was born to create. We believe