Various applications of Augmented Reality (AR)
Augmented Reality enables to transform different industries. By friendly using MAKAR Editor, every users including non-technical users are able to create their own Augmented Reality project with their creative ideas and knowledge.
Start to know how Augmented Reality is being applied in following sectors to create the innovative interaction experience.
Marketing and Advertising
As growth in AR market, more and more advertisers apply AR to do marketing activities, MAKAR editor is very suitable for designers or developers to use.
Education and Learning
MAKAR editor is very suitable to integrate augmented reality interactive experience into the course of learning without building any Compilers. Students are able to understand quickly the Augmented Reality.
Construction & Architecture
MAKAR editor provides 3D editing tools to easily present your furniture design or interior design through the Augmented Reality
The MAKAR editor provides 3D editing tools to easily visualize your product descriptions and features by Augmented Reality to make consumers feel more intuitive and simpler.
Travel and Tourism
MAKAR editor offers various interactive functions, no matter in museums, zoos or theme parks, you are able to create interactive experience based on existing posters or billboards.
The Augmented Reality will develop a new type of interactive media. MAKAR editor provides developers with a quick creator, whether in toys, games or any entertainment.